Accidental map projections II

By accidental I of course mean deliberate. Same deal as before. Tweak a map projection formula a bit, and the results can be interesting.

Crazy Robinson projection

Crazy azimuthal equidistant projection

Crazy stereographic projection

Crazy transverse Mercator projection

Crazy stereographic projection

Crazy Bonne projection

Made with indiemapper

Made with indiemapper. We’ll probably return the map projection code to normal before it’s released.

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  1. How did you make these and the ones in the other post? The indiemapper app isnt up yet and indieprojector doesnt give that much control over the projections. I am happy to see that indiprojector has Bonne available. Its my favorite with a 90* primary parallel.

    13 November 2009 @ 9:33am

  2. Sorry to double, but I present a challenge. Can you project the world onto a Klein bottle?

    13 November 2009 @ 9:35am

  3. Chris, I’m working here with the actual underlying code for indiemapper while it’s in development. Change a sine to a cosine here, multiply by the latitude there… that kind of thing.

    That’s quite a challenge you present! It would undoubtedly be awesome, but surely beyond my mediocre abilities. Just getting proper map projections to draw correctly makes my hair fall out.

    Also, yay to Bonne with the 90ยบ parallel!

    Andy Woodruff
    13 November 2009 @ 10:22am