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Forgive the crummy phone picture.

Subway map of flavors

Having been on a subway map kick for a while, and having yesterday fallen victim to an odd smoothie craving, it seemed right to snap this picture and post it here. This is the window of Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s wordplay, see? You know you love it. (For those who don’t know, the transit system in Boston is commonly known as the “T” and is signified by the letter T in a circle, much like in “Tea” above.)

There’s not much to say about this, but it’s always nice to see interesting uses of maps. Here they’ve arranged their flavors on a map of most of Boston’s rapid transit lines. There appears to be some attempt to adhere to the color designations of the actual subway lines: for example, strawberry is at the end of the Red Line, green apple is at the end of one of the Green Line branches, and orange is at the end of (naturally) the Orange Line. But otherwise there doesn’t seem to be any meaning to the arrangement of flavors or topology, which makes this only a kind of cool map rather than a totally awesome map.

I chose passion fruit, by the way, which is the real-life equivalent of the State station on the Orange (and Blue) Line. I’ve yet to use that station to see if it is as tasty and contains as many balls of tapioca.

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