Who: Andy Woodruff, cartographer.

What: Maps! Cartography!

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Elsewhere: Twitter inanity. Boston mapping blog. Flickr photos (more here too).

Contact: awoodruff@gmail.com.


I am a cartographer. I work with Axis Maps. I do a lot of web-based interactive mapping but also various static maps, notably typographic city maps. Like my Axis Maps colleagues, I came from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geography Department a few years ago, in my case with a master's degree in Cartography and GIS. I currently reside in the not-Boston part of Boston, Massachusetts and am totally into the place.

The blog contains my occasional thoughts on map-related things. It might be my work, someone else's work, or somethiing totally off the wall. I don't point to a lot of interesting maps on the web, as various other bloggers have that covered well. It's really just a healthy mix of normal and weird map stuff.